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Supervision: Beyond The Basics

This program is designed to enhance and advance the supervision skills of participants who have previous knowledge and experience of the supervision process. The presentation (which will include lecture, small group interaction, video, activities, and magic) will include a review of the basic concepts in supervision including what is mental health supervision, who are the supervisees, a model of case review, and theoretical approaches to supervision.

More complex topics such as risk management, dealing with problematic supervisees, experiential assessment and selection of supervisees, applying a theoretical model (dynamic, humanistic, gestalt, cognitive, behavioral, etc.) to the supervisee’s process (rather than to the client’s process) and multi-cultural/bi-lingual issues will be examined.

For workshops in the state of California the program  will include a discussion of current regulations and realistic application of those regulations, In addition a review of the responsibilities and paperwork expected of clinical supervisors will be presented. Additional material will be woven into the day based on the needs of the participants, and each participant will receive a comprehensive packet of materials.

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